Created an app for generating typographic art. Users can select font family, character, and colors. The design process was enjoyable, inspired by rsms Inter's poster. The art is created by layering font weights from 1000 to 100 using CSS.


Annotate.site is visual bug reporting tool that allows you to comment directly on the website. It helps your team and clients review and add feedback in one place, so you can iterate and ship your websites 10x faster.


a homepage for all mindful tools and relaxing spaces, built in buildspace's Nights and Weekends.


Dashboard to manage and share all of your reddit saved posts

Rest countries - React Native

An android app that shows the list of countries and their details. built with react native and rest countries API.


Challenge based health and wellness program

Agro Alerts

Rain forecasts via Whatsapp and web

Population by pixels

Image generator and visualizer . Each pixel represents a single animal, as the population numbers rise and fall the image will either become more legible or disappear completely.

MLH through time

A time machine disguised as a web app to explore the history of MLH and its website

Rapyd starliner

Payments Application For the Galaxy’s Next Big Space Tourism Company, Rapyd starliner

Discover Music

Discover new music based on your favourite artist, genre, track or country.


A bare bones checklist app made with NextJS and Firebase


Keep track of all the content you consume


A personal mood board to store creative screenshots


Collection of all my fav UI tools & resources


Simple photo sharing app clone of instagram

RAM price tracker

A telegram bot which fetches price of Adata xpg gammix-d30-series ddr4-3200mhz-memory-ax4u320038g16a from various retailers in india

IP tracker

React app which uses your IP to track you location in a map

Vanilla Calculator

A simple calculator app built with JS


Rock-Paper-Scissors-Lizard-Spock game, a more advanced version of Rock-Paper-Scissors, which can be played against the computer.


Learnt while loop, built a simple console app

Hello World

Started learning python and created first Repo on github!