What's Next?

Feb 03, 2024

Action Produces information

I feel like I have stopped taking action, thus no progress, so this year I want to change that.

I miss designing and building things, I want to do more of it, build things that I am proud of.

Last year I only did two side project, cause I graduated and started working full time at a startup. This year I want to ship more things and atleast get to a point where I can work on my ideas full time

I have a few project ideas, with some I want to make money while others are for purely practicing craftsmanship.

I am really inspired by these guys The browser company, Nothing, McGuire brannon and levelsio.

I'm creating videos for my channel, featuring updates, showcases, demos, and maybe even tutorials. It's an experiment, and I'm not expecting anything specific to come out of it, but it'll be fun. I'm unsure if I can manage both video and blog updates, but I'll ensure one of them is always up to date.

I want to show what I build and share whatever I learn.

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