Side projects

April 02, 2023

Last updated: Dec 02, 2023

I have built a lot of side projects in the past, mostly through hackathons. The problem with them is that they are class projects, meaning they solve fake problems, may win hackathons but are not really useful in real life. It was all about implementation.

I want to build useful things that people actually care about. I have already started doing this with Feedwise, and now that I have been accepted into Nights & Weekends S3, I want to build on this momentum by continuing to build actually useful things. I would have done this regardless, but having a community and actual deadline is nice. Getting accepted doesn't really mean anything, but actually building something and sticking to the end does.

I am keeping this post open and upto date as a way to track all my experiments and whatever happens with them.

  • Annotate live websites in your staging environment and directly create tickets in Jira from those annotations.
  • v1 shipped!. Visit here to learn more.
  • Gearing up for v2
  • Got first two paying users. Yay! 🎉 (02 dec 2023)


  • 2D virtual world for people to chill/meditate
  • Think of it as but with just relaxing spaces/mini-apps
  • Shipped - April 24, 2023
  • Chillspace
  • didnt get much traction plus I didnt give much thought to the idea.


  • It is a dashboard for managing your saved reddit posts.
  • Shipped - Jan 2023
  • Visit here