False beliefs

Oct 22, 2022

False beliefs direct you away from growth. It's the kind of belief which is obviously wrong, but you sub consciously choose to ignore it because of fear (or any other negative feeling).

Fear is paralyzing, It's the reason people stay stuck in a work/relationship they don't like. It's the reason they complain, instead of spend their energy creating, they spend their time worrying about creating. Slogans like “Just do it” feels cheesy, but it's the way to go.

Much of my recent learnings and growth came when I decided to embrace truth. Instead of resisting reality or never considering the different path, I decided to pick new paths just because I wanted to experience what it would feel like.

Why is it that we resist change and go back to our familiar paths, I think It's because the brain is too comfortable with routine and change requires energy. This goes for anything new. Be it thoughts, decision, people, or habits.

There are hundreds of micro decision you make throughout the day, where there is opportunity to do something different, but you don't.

I used to complain about not growing. It all stopped when I realized, “What got me here won’t get me where I want to go”. Instead of complaining, I should focus my energy on becoming the kind of person that attracts growth. See, complaining is easy, getting your hand dirty doing actual work, now that takes some actual hustle.

Two examples of my own life where I reframed my False belief and embraced growth

The first instance was when I decided to add blog to my site

I started this blog approximately 6 months ago.

I read and write every day, it's an essential part of my day.

To be honest, I mostly write about my beliefs, what I learned etc. I didn't think that these things would be any useful to my site visitor. This was the number one thing that stopped me from publishing directly

I considered the blogs as some kind of showcase of expertise. I thought only things you are expert about should be included in your blog. Likewise, I didn't feel expert in any of the things I do, so I didn't publish.

Most of what I write regularly is very personal. It's how I think, I didn't feel comfortable publishing my struggles.

So, what changed? Why I am publishing now?

Things changed when I realized, even IRL, Everybody is unique in their own ways. Sharing your own way helps people see differences and helps them grow.

The perspective on writing a blog post shifted from “showcasing expertise” to “sharing my unique insights”.

I reframed my false belief.

My blog posts are unique insights of me

Now I have a backlog of posts that I am writing about. Writing a blog post doesn't feel like a chore, it is more like have a conversation with you. Wink wink

Another instance of reframing my false belief was when I thought, re-reading was dumb.

Now that I look at this, re-reading is just as important as willingness to read for the first time. The thing is you change, your mindset evolves. If you don't re-read, you miss the opportunity to provide your brain with information that it can mix and mash to form new connections.

In the past, I simply rejected the idea of re-reading a great book, just because I already read it and reading new books meant new information.

So every time I re-read a book, even though my mind says it will be boring, I discover something new. It feels like discovering a new dot to connect. Maybe I couldn't relate to the author’s situation or missed a key element, I can re-discover this when I re-read.

Re-reading is like re-visiting your old neural connections, but with more maturity.

I am sure, you will too find scenarios from your own life, where you had a choice to do something different, and you did. If you don't, hopefully this post encourages you to.

That's all folks!

Thanks for reading!