Daily log

Dec 29 2022

Its like a changelog, but for life, updated daily.

31 Jan 2023

  • Spent the entire day for collecting documents for SSB.
  • I think I will switch to weekly or monthly log. I wont get much each day with both college and internship going on. Farewell then.

30 Jan 2023

  • Redesigned the homepage of app I am working on.

29 Jan 2023

  • Read The creative way.
  • Deployed my reddit saved manager on vercel. Sharing it on wednesday.

28 Jan 2023

  • Worked on my reddit manager app. Started reading The creative way by rick rubin

27 Jan 2023

  • tried redoing bestofui.com, have no idea how to go about it.
  • SSB practice

26 Jan 2023

  • Worked on my reddit manager app. Gotta launch this month. mobile responsive, fix share URl, layout etc

25 Jan 2023

  • Watched David perell's youtube videos.

24 Jan 2023

  • Rewrite the first draft of the article. Published it!. Read here
  • Added cloudinary to my blog.

23 Jan 2023

  • Started a audio log since communication skills in SSB are important. My college have started :(

22 Jan 2023

  • Gave CEED exam. Rewriting the first draft.

21 Jan 2023

  • Wrote another draft, posting on monday!

20 Jan 2023

  • Speed boosting my learning For communication. I mentally left everything to prepare for SSB. I will probably work on my blog and reddit app on weekends.
  • Not sure about continuing daily log since next month is already planned.
  • I do have CEED on 22nd. I think I should switch back to monthly log.

19 Jan 2023

  • prep for CEED 2023. Ended up reading all about SSB.

18 Jan 2023

  • got access to CRON (the calendar app).
  • Downloaded a precise screenshoot tool(Share X). I will get more control over screenshots I post!
  • Want to write stories everyday.
  • Didnt do much work today.
  • Got shortlisted for TGC SSB. Spent all day planning for it.

17 Jan 2023

  • Wrote another first draft
  • Reddit saved manager app is 95% complete. Litte things like responsiveness, clear loading states is left
  • Listen Tony fadell and lex fridman podcast

16 Jan 2023

  • Worked on redesign of this site's homepage.
  • CEED exam practice. Planning and sketching.
  • Planning to collect Proof of work.
  • Read Anthony hobday's blog.
  • learning Icon design. Drew a few icons today from the noun project.
  • Wrote first draft of several articles. I will be sharing them soon.

15 Jan 2023

  • Started redesign of this site's homepage
  • Built savedit app's homepage. Its 90% complete

14 Jan 2023

  • completed the sharing feature. practicing design sketching daily

13 Jan 2023

  • working on the sharing feature of reddit saved manager app.
  • Started reading "The practical IKIGAI" by Hector Garcia and Francesc Miralles.
  • walked a mile.
  • I have CEED exam on 22nd. planning to share the app on 19th.

Update - 12 Jan 2023

My exams ended today, it was brutal last 10 days. My 100% focus now is reading,writing,building and sharing things online.

I have ton of articles and books on my to-read list. First thing to share is my reddit saved manager. Its 80% complete.

2 Jan 2023 - 12 Jan 2023

Forced memorization of concepts that I will likely forget as soon as I leave the exam room. I have endsem exams till 12th. wont be woking on anything else. Finished reading unscripted: Life, Liberty & the pursuit of entrepreneurship by MJ DeMarco.

  • Running a mile every day except exam day.

  • Tried building a simple twitter bot for one of my fav author.

    • Twitter has become such a mess, cant even get API token, everything seems broken at their end. I will try again later.
  • Writing aspirations for 2023, expect a blog post soon.

  • I accidentally closed my two 100+ browser windows, one of which had 10+ pinned tabs. Maybe this is for the best. PAIN

  • Codepen picked my pen, snowballing small wins!

1 Jan 2023

Saw the sunrise and read unscripted. Will be back after a few days, gotta build and share my app. Happy new year.

31 Dec 2022

  • Reading unscripted by MJ DeMarco
  • worked on my reddit saved manager app
  • ran a mile

30 Dec 2022

  • UI refactor of my reddit saved manager app. Still havent decided the name yet. Deployed the app on vercel
  • Remaining things
    • Mobile responsiveness
    • Share url fix
    • Share on reddit.
  • Exam study :(
  • ran a mile
  • Thinking of replacing MDX with contentlayer on this site.

29 Dec 2022

  • I mostly read about alex west story and how he built cyberleads.com, and this kinda inspired me to start daily log, I already had monthy log since I started this website, but daily log is reminder of what you are actually doing. Every single day defines progress.
  • Meditate, run, exam study
  • I want to redesign my personal site, its way too funky. I want to build something more minimal and elegant so that I dont have to redesign it every year.
  • I watched movie In Time yesterday. Fabulous movie